About us

1842 The Offermann factory was founded in Bensberg by Jakob Offermann (the great-great-grandfather of the present owner, Bernhard Offermann)

1923 Establishment of the firm Mathias Offermann KG by Mathias and Wilhelm Offermann as a business in Cologne in Malzmühle. Production was later transferred back to Bensberg; the retail branch has remained in Cologne and represents the nucleus of the "Offermann" retail business.

1942 The 100-year anniversary of the firm was celebrated with a ceremony at the Cologne Opera and the issue of a special edition of woodcuts in a leather portfolio.

1945 Purchase of a property on the Hohe Straße by Wilhelm Offermann. The company headquarters was at this address until 1990.

1952 Transfer of the businesses in Cologne, Hohe Straße, Hohenzollernring and Bensberg to Fritz Offermann.

1971 Expansion of the Hohe Strasse premises to 1,100 square metres of retail space. Fritz and his wife, Liselotte Offermann, expanded Offermann Leather Goods to become the leading provider in and around Cologne.

1987 Takeover of the business by the current owner, Bernhard Offermann, and his wife Anette – the fifth generation.

1991 Establishment of Bernhard Offermann GmbH and move to Breitestraße 48-50, located in one of the most attractive pedestrian areas in central Cologne.

1993 Opening of a branch in the Rhein-Center in the Cologne suburb of Weiden.

2003 Opening of a branch in Hürth Park in Hürth.

2010 Opening of the Longchamp Corner in the Breite Straße branch.

2011 "OFFERMANN - THE WORLD OF BAGS AND BAGGAGE" is the leading supplier of handbags and luggage in the Cologne area. The most important brands of the leather goods industry are represented at Offermann. The future of the company in the long term is assured by the next generation of students: Lisa, Anna and Moritz Offermann.

2014 Reopening of the branch in Hürth.